Business Owners

T oday’s astute business owner understands the significance of using the business valuation process as both a short-and long-term business planning tool, that drives the continual effort to build value, by helping to ensure that all aspects of the business operate as efficiency – and thus profitably – as possible throughout all phases of the business cycle. While historically, business owners have relied on business valuation to provide the financial data and analysis necessary for advantageous negotiation during the sale of a business, today’s forward-looking owners also routinely use the insights garnered through the periodic valuation process to create and modify their exit strategies, and to maintain a steady path, that eventually allows for a smooth and lucrative transition. In addition to transition planning – including preparation for the imminent sale of a business, creation and renewal of exit strategies and/or succession planning, and development of buy/sell agreements – business owners engage our services and utilize business valuations for a number of other purposes. More and more frequently, owners are turning to business valuation for its usefulness when pursuing funding either from financial institutions or private sources; designing employee incentive programs/ESOPs; for litigation; estate planning; pre-nuptial agreements; and partnership disputes or marital dissolution, among others. Contact Gryphon Valuation Consultants today. A Gryphon Valuation professional is always happy to discuss your specific situation and needs.