Who We Serve

G ryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc. offers business valuations, business advisory services, estate & gift tax valuations, litigation support and financial reporting assistance aimed at defining, defending and discovering value.

While our business valuation consulting services are often referred by our clients’ professional advisors, such as CPAs and attorneys, business owners also engage us directly.

Gryphon’s valuation experts stand ready to address and present solutions to complex valuation issues by combining experienced insight with an in-depth understanding of business and industry, all within the appropriate economic context.

Gryphon’s valuation analyses and proposed solutions are thorough, independent and unbiased. At Gryphon Valuation, we know that valuing a business requires more than crunching the numbers. It takes experienced insight into a wide variety of industries to effectively define, discover and defend value on behalf of business owners.

Our company has reviewed and prepared valuation reports for various types of businesses across a variety of diverse industries including retail, wholesalers, F & B, gaming, technology, service and manufacturing companies, and healthcare, among others.

Business appraisals are all we do. As such, we realize that business valuation is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. Our reports extend beyond mere quantitative models to document the story behind the numbers. We succeed in delivering reasoned reports that contain an assessment of multiple valuation methodologies; defensible support for key assumptions, and original thinking that vastly exceeds routine approaches. Our deliverables consistently hold up to review by third parties and in administrative and legal proceedings.