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Business Valuation is the First Step in exit and transition planning.

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What is my business worth?

A business owner, this is a question that is paramount to future planning.

Ascertaining/establishing the value of a business is a complicated and intricate process. Even valuation experts have referred to it as more of an art than a science. Valuing a business requires the determination of its future earnings potential, the risks inherent in those future earnings, an analysis of its mix of physical and intangible assets, and the general economic and industry conditions.

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Who We Serve

Generally, business valuation services are referred by CPA's but we do work with business owners directly.

Business Valuation and Consulting Services

Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc. offers balanced, thoroughly supported and credible business valuations, business advisory services, estate & gift tax valuations, litigation support and financial reporting assistance aimed at defining, defending and discovering value. Our professionals are highly credentialed and possess tested business judgment, research expertise, and the analytical aptitude to manage valuation engagements covering various types of companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Our scope of experience and in-depth knowledge result in providing clients with independent and objective opinions that address their specific needs. Our work has been utilized in legal settings and tax matters.

As one of Southern Nevada’s premier business valuation firms with offices in Las Vegas, business valuation is our primary focus. This commitment enables us to provide professional consulting services for a broad range of purposes.

Business Valuation


Gryphon Valuation Consultants services include appraisals of interests in small and mid-sized companies, professional practices, partnership interests, and estate/gift tax valuation as well as intangible asset appraisal.

Litigation Support


Gryphon Valuation assists attorneys and clients on a variety of litigation issues including expert testimony, marital and partnership dissolution, economic damages, partnership/shareholder disputes, opposing expert critique and deposition/trial preparation.

Business Advisory


Gryphon offers a wide range of business advisory services including assisting in exit and succession planning for business owners; creating value enhancement strategies; building detailed income and cash flow projections; analyzing market opportunities including feasibility studies; providing intangible asset valuation, and assisting in developing buy/sell agreements.

Financial Reporting


In an environment of increasingly complex fair value reporting standards and burgeoning regulatory scrutiny, Gryphon’s valuation services can assist with goodwill impairment testing, purchase price allocation and intangible asset valuation.

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